Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded


I have always loved this song. For me it depicts the beauty , dreams and desires of youth .

This song carries beauty yet depicts great sadness.


It is about the young Robert Emmet, orator and rebel leader, who was executed for treason on 20th September 1803. Engaged to be married in secret to Sarah Curran, the women he loved , he died at the age of 25 years without seeing her before his death. Thomas Moore who befriended Emmet while they were both students at Trinity College, depicts loss so beautifully in this song,

"Has sorrow thy young days shaded, as clouds o'er the morning fleet? Too fast have those young days faded that, even in sorrow, were sweet." 

Moore captures the depth of loss and the young love between Emmet and Curran.


I took this photo of Irish wedding lace in a fabric shop in Dublin and here dedicated it to Sarah Curran.

To listen to this song please see video page. 


Has sorrow thy young days shaded, 
As clouds o'er the morning fleet? 
Too fast have those young days faded 
That, even in sorrow, were sweet? 
Does Time with his cold wing wither 
Each feeling that once was dear? -- 
Then, child of misfortune, come hither, 
I'll weep with thee, tear for tear. 

Has Hope, like the bird in the story,
That flitted from tree to tree 
With the talisman's glittering glory -- 
Has Hope been that bird to thee? 
On branch after branch alighting, 
The gem did she still display, 
And, when nearest, and most inviting, 
Then waft the fair gem away? 

If thus the young hours have fleeted, 
When sorrow itself look'd bright; 
If thus the fair hope hath cheated, 
That led thee along so light; 
If thus the cold world now wither 
Each feeling that once was dear -- 
Come, child of misfortune, come hither, 
I'll weep with thee, tear for tear. 


Thomas Moore


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