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Witness to the lives of Syrian Refugees...

Refugee, a film shot over an eight-month journey showing the impact of war through the eyes of the people who live through it. “It was awful, heartbreaking, terrifying, and I was naive to think I was ready for it,” he says. “It was bitterly cold. The rain was torrential. People were suffering from hypothermia. Children were frozen, screaming and crying.”

Alex Farrell walked through 10 countries alongside a family of Syrian refugees. His groundbreaking documentary records their perilous journey.

Refugee is released in the UK on 1 June. Watch the trailer at


In 2015, at height of the Syrian war, Raf’aa a Syrian mother was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. With her husband Nazem in hospital, and the bombs getting closer to Qamilshi, she fled Syria to find asylum for her family. Leaving Nazem, and their two children Ahmed and Hamoudi behind. They had hoped to reunite in Europe within a few weeks, at least that was the plan. But by the time Nazem and the children left…it was too late. The political climate had changed and the borders to Europe were closed. Now safe in Germany, Raf’aa is traumatized by what she witnessed on her journey, and prays her children have not endured the same. Whilst two thousand miles away, Nazem and her children live through their own nightmare in one of the worst refugee camps in Europe. Over the next eighteen months, we witness the testament of the human spirit as the family fights to be reunited. And a father shields his children from what it means to be a Refugee.

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