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Thanks to: 

Shifaaz Shamoon for the photography on my home page.

Esther Wiegardt for her photography on the single Yann Derrein,

Miriam O'Reilly for her beautiful pencil drawing of Mother & Child for  "Ave Maria",

Perchek Industrie for the photography on "Aye Fond Kiss,

Philipp Baumann for the photography on "The Homes of Donegal",

Nate Rayfield for the photography on "The Edge of the Moon",

Trevor Cole for the photography on "Fear a Bháta",

John Fowle for the photography on "Salve", 

Photography for the single "Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded" my own.

Thanks to the many wonderful musicians, producers and engineers I have worked with over the years. They are credited on each release. 

"The Singer

You are the gifted one,

you are pure joy in the morning early, you are our broken hearts when the light  has come on and the moon is full in the river,

where the road winds down to the harbour: a woman picks up a fountain pen, writes a farewell note to her lover, a note she'll rewrite, then abandon before your canticle is over"                                            

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