O’Reilly’s voice ranges from tenderly introspective to utterly beautiful in a disc which offers a commendably refreshing interpretation” - HMV CHOICE REVIEW of “LOVE SO KINDLY”

“Over time I have come to cherish the gift of my voice as a means to carry something invisible and intangible to others that often finds a way into the listening heart.”


Róisin O’Reilly, a native of Cavan, attended the College of Music, Dublin, and studied voice and musicianship as a student for seven years. She performed with the College of Music Choir outside Ireland including in American and Moscow.

In 1996 she was invited by Micheal McGlynn, founder of Anuna, to join the renowned Celtic choral group. For the next seven years, Róisín recorded and toured with Anuna worldwide including Scandinavia, Norway, the UK, Canada, Sweden, Italy, France, Morocco and many other countries. 

In 2002 Róisín was one of the first artistes to be signed, by Bill Holland, to Universal Classics and Jazz, London, and recorded the album“Love So Kindly” which reached No 3 in the Irish charts - an album mainly of traditional Irish songs but also included the beautiful song called “The Edge of The Moon” which was given to her by the late Christy Hennessey having worked with him that year in London.


On “Love So Kindly” her rendition of “Mná na hEireann” captured audiences in the UK where she performed many times including at St David’s Hall, Cardiff with Aled Jones.

In 2004 Róisín was a featured soloist on Liam Lawton's platinum-selling album “Another World” singing, There is a Heart” which became the single of the album. Over the next four years, Róisin continued to work with Liam as a soloist and also featured on the album“Time” 2005. She toured with Liam nationwide as a soloist including in the highly successful “Song of a Celtic Soul” (2006) which was set in Dublin and at a special concert performance in Carnegie Hall, New York in 2007.

She features on 6 platinum Irish selling albums; Deep Dead Blue, Anuna (1999); “Cynara”, Anuna (2005); Anthem (2000) with Ronan Hardiman; composer of Lord of the Dance; Another World, Liam Lawton (2004); Time, Liam Lawton (2005); and Song of a Celtic Soul, (2006).

Róisín also featured on six successful Universal Music compilation collections including; “Summer Classics” (2004); “The No 1 Classical Album” (2004); “Songbird” (2004); “Over the Rainbow” (2005); “A Classic Christmas” (2006); and “Celtic Dreams” (2007)

Róisín has recorded several shows for US airplay including a show with members of the traditional Irish group Dervish and the late Paddy Moloney from The Chieftains. She was a member of the group which formed "Faith of Our Fathers” in 1996 recording two albums and performing the album at New Jersey Performing Arts Centre and Carnegie Hall in New York 1996.

Yann Derrien Santiago De Compostella (2018), a recording and release on the theme of the

“Pilgrim Soul”.

In 2019 Róisín wrote and performed a piece of work called “The Listening Heart of Winter” - a combination of Winter songs, poetry, narration and video. She collaborated with the Russian pianist Katerina Speranskaya, well known Irish guitarist Ewan Cowley and Mihai Cucu, the renowned visual artist from Romania.

“O Holy Night” (2020), a special recording and release for Syrian Refugee Children in south Lebanon which raised over EU45k since December 2020.

INITIATIVE - ‘O Holy Night’ Raises €48k for Syrian Refugee Children

During Covid-19 lockdown, in October 2020 Róisín took on the initiative to fundraise for a school in south Lebanon to educate Syrian refugee children displaced by war. Róisín had heard Fr William Stuart, a native of Howth, speak about the children’s circumstance in such Lebanon and his story moved and inspired Roisin to take action.

“In the absence of being able to do a concert to raise funds I had the idea to record a Christmas carol and within of hearing of another lockdown went into studio and recorded “O Holy Night” with guitarist Ewan Cowley.


"I worked to have the track edited, mixed and mastered remotely and released it with a video I produced with Mihai Cucu, a talented visual artist, which featured the children from the school. The recording song within this visual setting gained attention.RTE’s Religious Correspondent Aibhe Conneely ran a beautiful piece on the song for the Syrian refugee children including interviews with Fr Steward in Syria and myself in Dublin. The interview was broadcast Christmas week on “Morning Ireland” while Ronan Collins, Ryan Turbidy and many other radio shows picked up the story, featuring the funding campaign and song on their Christmas week shows.

Having released the song on the 5th December 2020 on the "Go Fund Me” platform, Spotify and iTunes, the campaign has since raised over €48,500 so far.