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Roisin O'Reilly

Photo by Simona L. Neumann. Hydra, Greece. 2023.

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NEW RELEASE on all platforms from 18th July

ABOUT Róisín


Róisín was one of the first artists to be signed by Bill Holland to Universal Classics and Jazz, London, and recorded the album Love So Kindly - an album mainly of traditional Irish songs but also included the beautiful song called ‘The Edge of The Moon’ which was given to her by the late Irish singer/songwriter, Christy Hennessey having worked with him that year in London. 

Róisín has collaborated with Irish songwriter Brendan Graham over the last five years and has co-written a number of songs with him including the song, Hush Be Still - A Christmas Lullaby. Subsequently, the world-renowned American choral composer Roger Emerson composed a choral arrangement for "Hush Be Still".


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